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Are you looking for the best cheap inflatable obstacle course rental service here in or around Long Island, NY? If so you have come to the right place. Here at NY Inflatables we make fun easy! Our team of party professionals brings over 30 years of experience and we make fun easy. You can choose from the largest variety of premium inflatable obstacle courses including different sizes, shapes and themes for boys and girls of any age. Choose from sports, cartoons and movie characters or any kind of theme. We almost always have something just right for you. Your guests will have tons of fun. We like to see big smiles on their faces for hours until they finally get tired or the end of the party, whichever comes first.


30′ Long Obstacle Course

With a total of over 30 feet the 5 obstacles to run through makes this challenging side by side course feel like it just keeps going. This obstacle course is always a blast for kids and adults alike.

Lenght: 30     Width: 15     Height: 8

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35′ Long Obstacle Course

With a total of over 35 feet the 7 obstacles to run through. This one is great for in door event because it is only 7’ tall!

Lenght: 35     Width: 15     Height: 7

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60′ Long Obstacle Course

This obstacle course doubles up on the fun... It features 5 obstacles to run through. Then a rockwall to a 17 foot slide at the end. This obstacle course is the most popular addition to a party and a blast for all to enjoy!

Lenght: 60     Width: 15     Height: 17

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60′ Long Camouflage Obstacle Course

This 60 foot Camouflage Obstacle Course is great to make your event feel like you have your own boot camp to run through!

Lenght: 60     Width: 15     Height: 17

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95 Foot Long Obstacle Course

This is like the never ending Obstacle course. It has 2 lanes and a ton of different obstacles to run through before you finish. You are sure to be out of breath by the time you finish this obstacle course.

Lenght: 95     Width: 15     Height: 17

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Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course

This Camouflage Obstacle Course is great for any event with a lot of people in a large field. The exit is on the same side as the entrance.

Lenght: 35     Width: 30     Height: 18

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Air Bourne Balloon

Every person going on this will be able to see your Event from a 360 degree panoramic view at 15' High.

Lenght: 10     Width: 10     Height: 20

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Bungee Run

Two participants race down lanes and place a baton as far down the dividing center as possible to see who is the winner before the bungee cord stops them and springs them backward on to the inflatable cushioned floor.

Lenght: 40     Width: 14     Height: 10

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Gladiator Joust

Have you ever want to be a gladiator. Here is your chance! Two gladiators swing at each other with over sized, foam-filled jousting poles to try and knock each other off their pedestal. Last man standing wins.

Lenght: 20     Width: 20     Height: 9

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First and Goal

Try to score a touchdown or slam dunk the basketball if you can! Your opponent will try to do the same and while doing so, he'll be stopping you from scoring. This is a Blast to add to any event!

Lenght: 35     Width: 10     Height: 9

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Everyone at your event will have a great time playing the awesome interactive Gaga Pit game with each other!

Lenght: 19     Width: 17     Height: 2.5

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Space Maze

This is a Maze for kids to play Tag inside the inflatable. It has a 5 foot ceiling inside.

Lenght: 20     Width: 20     Height: 8

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Bouncy Boxing

Challenge your friend to a boxing match in a bounce house with these enormous boxing gloves. Try swinging one to knock you opponent down, or try blocking your opponent's gloves. It is a challenge for anyone.

Lenght: 16     Width: 16     Height: 15

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Velcro Wall

At your next event you can have a great time by jumping as high as you can and getting stuck on the wall in all different positions. Lots of Fun to see your friends thrown against the wall.

Lenght: 16     Width: 12     Height: 15

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Wrecking Ball

The participants stand on the inflatable pedestal and try to knock each other off by swinging the 4 big foam wrecking balls at each other to see who will be the last man standing.

Lenght: 20     Width: 20     Height: 15

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Sumo Wrestling

Have a great time bringing this classic old time sport to your event, Sumo Wrestling. Two opponents wear these giant sumo wrestling suits and bump into each other, trying to knock each other over on a padded mat!

Lenght: 20     Width: 20     Height: %tz_portfolio_info%

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Inflatable Twister

This is the inflatable version of the classic game. The best part is you can be really aggressive playing because when you get knocked over you fall on the inflatable floor.

Lenght: 20     Width: 20     Height: 2

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Robo Surf

Have you ever wanted to try to surf? Now you can use your imagination while balancing on this mechanical surf board. However, the water might get a little ruff, and then you fall on to the inflatable cushion.

Lenght: 12     Width: 12     Height: 10

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Air Hoop

Try to score on the 10' basketball foul shot. There is also a 9' height hoop. And for the little kids there is a 3' round hoop that is 7' high so every kid can Score.

Lenght: 15     Width: 12     Height: 15

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Soccer Darts

Get active with this amazing soccer darts inflatable.

Lenght: 1     Width: 1     Height: 1

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Junior Sports Center

5 fun sports to play at your event with this inflatable! Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Darts and Frisbee!

Lenght: 24     Width: 17     Height: 13

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Speed Pitch

Add this to any Baseball, Soccer, or Football event and see how fast you can throw or kick the ball in to the Speed Pitch inflatable.

Lenght: 12     Width: 20     Height: 12

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Tee Ball

Add this to any Baseball event and see well you can hit a floating ball.

Lenght: 14     Width: 14     Height: 14

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Mini Air Hoops

Lenght: 9     Width: 9     Height: 7

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